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New Server Sales 

Looking for an Affordable Server ?

We know finding a server that fits you company or personal needs can be an arduous task. Our Techs will help you find the most affordably efficient custom server build to optimize your daily tasks. We can also install and configure the latest operating systems or virtual machines to enhance the servers ability to perform flawlessly. 

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Server Maintenance

Need Immediate Server Maintenance?

Ardent Tech can service your server at anytime or can offer ongoing server maintenance plans to keep your server running at its optimal capacity.

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Home & Commercial Network Services

Home Networking Issues?

Our Ardent techs will always accurately fix home networking issues for a competitively low hourly rate and most times only for a flat fee!

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Chronic Company Network or Security Issues?

Ardent technicians constantly pursuit recent network security information to remedy any chronic proprietary, enterprise, and/or custom level network infrastructure issue. We can also execute network security penetration testing to diagnose any imminent security breaches. 

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